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I was taught First Aid almost to a paramedic level in my first job as a junior manager in the South Yorkshire mining industry. Whilst on holiday in 1982 a young girl in Delhi airport when started to pass out during an asthma attack. I applied the usual First Aid to help her lungs to start moving again but her face was still getting more and more cyanosed (blue due to oxygen starvation). Someone else then came to help, took off her shoes, twiddled with her feet, her face suddenly turned pink as she started to take in oxygen again. That was my first experience of Reflexology, and my first introduction to complementary therapies.

After qualifying in 1988 and then teaching Reflexology for some time, I realised that I was wanting to treat the whole body. A friend showed me an advertisement for a Craniosacral Therapy workshop in 1994, just a couple of years after the Upledger Institute first started running courses in the UK. I have always been drawn to nature, and at the time my "day job" was as a hydrogeologist - and I had a particular interest in springs and wetlands. Within the first half hour of the course, the tutor started talking about the movement of fluids in the human body, and I was hooked. Somehow, working with rhythms and tides in the human body seemed to connect up to my experience of unravelling the flow of water in wetlands and nature reserves.

Over the years I have repeatedly experienced Craniosacral Therapy (CST) as an elegant and remarkably powerful bodywork technique that is a real joy to practice. It is a gift to be able to help people and see them looking happier and more free as their pain goes. Also working with (colicky) babies and helping them to be at ease is one of the most wonderful experiences - knowing that this will have a positive impact on their whole life.

I have worked at the Complementary Health Care Clinic in Norwich since 2003 (and Rowan House in Hethersett since 2016), and enjoy being in a community of dedicated and skilled practitioners.

I am continually curious about both CST and the living experience of being in a body, and have self-published a paper on Cranial bone motion in a peer reviewed journal. Since then I have been further adapting CST to increase the effectiveness of my treatments.

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