bullet  Low cost clinics

Low cost clinics

I will be running low cost clinics starting Tuesday 11th October 2021 - please check the contact page to find telephone numbers for booking an appointment.

The treatments are between 30 and 60 minutes long according to requirements. Although I could potentially help with anything (including longer term conditions), these sessions are particularly well suited to scar tissue, adhesions and more immediate issues arising from operations or accidents, anything postnatal, or any kind of pain. I practice a range of different techniques including Cranniosacral Therapy, and would select whatever approach seems most appropriate for your needs.

These low cost clinics are intended specifically for people who are unable to pay for a normal treatment. I have a preferred minimum donation of £10 (which will cover my basic recurring costs to provide this service). However, the actual amount you pay is up to you. If you wish to use the time as a "taster" to decide if you are going to come for normally priced sessions, please state this explicitly when making an appointment.

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