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Cranial treatments in Norfolk
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I have used medical descriptions simply because that is the language that most people are familiar with. However, everyone is very different in their history, their background level of health and in how symptoms originate and manifest. This is not an exhaustive list, so contact me if you are uncertain, or if the specific condition you want help for is not on this list.

Information on how and who CST can help is divided somewhat arbitrarily into the following categories :

  1. Mums & babies (& children)
  2. Adult conditions (general)
  3. The spine and nervous system (inc. neuralgias, whiplpash and sciatica)
  4. Remedial (accidents, scar tissue, fractures, etc)
  5. TMJ (Jaw, mouth and face) : including orthodontics, dental work & hearing conditions such as tinnitus
  6. PTSD, shock, anxiety and other similar conditions, including dissociation
  7. Spiritual/emotional and personal development
  8. Posture and body-use
  9. Meditation and mindfulness

CST is not a replacement for medical care. If you have any symptoms that concern you, the first point of call should always be your GP.

CST has a very different system of differential diagnosis compared to mainstream medicine, so it is quite difficult to match Cranial clinical procedures against standard medical research into pathologies. There is a growing body of research into the effectiveness of CST - e.g. see the Craniosacral Therapy Association Website, and the Craniosacral Research Blog.

General considerations
...each treatment is tailored to your specific needs...

It is important to notice the words "usually, often, may, can, ..etc" are liberally sprinkled through the text in this website. No two people are exactly the same. So two people with the same medical diagnosis will most likely have very different reasons why the particular problem happened, and very different responses to the same interventions. This individual vs generic diagnosis is not anything peculiar to CST. But most illnesses, diseases and medical interventions are discussed in the media in a "public health" context - i.e. the average of all cases becomes the norm that is described. I have yet to meet Mr and Mrs Average.

There is no 100% certain miracle cure or magic bullet - wherever you look, be it surgery, pharmaceuticals or alternative medicine. Having said that, of the cases I do see, well over 90% respond very positively to the treatment I provide. This is a very high success rate - particularly so when you also consider that CST is one of the safest therapies available - so safe that it is used to help newborn babies.

Cranial treatments in Norfolk

My definition of "Help" is that the treatments have coincided with a substantial reduction in the need for painkillers, anti-inflammatories or other palliative and non-critical medicines, and have left people feeling more comfortable in their bodies, and often feeling more embodied/ connected to their body.

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