body-based approaches to personal and spiritual development

Although the famous saying of Descartes "I think therefore I am" is very familiar to most people, it is actually misunderstood. Descartes also included the ability to feel and have an embodied rationality in his definition of "thought".
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It is in reality, impossible to separate the body and the mind. It is the body that gives us our existence, that allows the mind to exist, and which provides sensory information that tells us we are alive.

And spirituality without embodiment is difficult. If there is increased sensitivity - many people these days are empathic - then without the robustness and resilience brought by a strong connection to the body, that extra empathy and sensitivity can be very difficult to live with.

...the body heals itself best when we are fully and consciously present in it...

Over the years I have had to personally find my own way through this. The methods I have found to help myself are generally applicable in spiritual development, and are also very powerful tools to help both PTSD/trauma and dissociation. So whether you want help in refining an already highly functional life, or help with hyper-arousal or dissociation or difficult-to-handle levels of sensitivity, I have much to offer.

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