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If you look at an ant, or a horse, or even an amoeba, they only suffer from what we might call burnout or overwhelm when they are just about at the end of their lives. What makes humans so different?

One answer is that many of the ways that we are told in our society to use our mind and body is almost opposite to the way our brain has evolved. The mind can get the body into a mess - and this is a major cause of trauma and chronic pain And the body can bring the mind back to stability and health.

Our nervous system is in very important ways like that of every other mammal. So one way to describe this work is to say - it's about re-learning how a horse self-regulates.

It's not just a treatment. It's a way to to build personal resilience and embodiment as a life skill.

The material is state-of-the-art; and has been put together over a period of about 20 years based on my own personal use, and clinical experience.

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