bullet  Positive Body Awareness (PBA)

The core principle of PBA is almost diametrically opposite to many versions of psychotherapy and counselling - in that we focus almost exclusively on health, wellbeing and how you might feel resourced and alive in your whole body and your being..

PBA is a means to awaken and empower some very deep self-healing resources in the body. Perhaps a better description might be - that PBA is a way to train the mind how not to get in the way of self-healing resources that are already there all of the time. It is also a cooperative exploration of health - you are not so much "treated" - but rather we work together. During this process you will learn some extremely useful life skills.

For more information about PBA, please see my workshops website : www.body-mind.co.uk

The human body is something of a walking miracle. As living beings - we have evolved to have a very effective self-repair system. One could say that the body has an intelligence of its own. Clinically, it is logical - and very efficient - to assist this directly ... and to invoke that organic intelligence so that it can do the job it evolved to do.

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