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CST is a "Complementary" therapy, and does not replace the services of your GP or consultant. All the opinions expressed here are based on my clinical experience applying CST over a 20 year period. Please also note that everyone is different, so it is not possible to be prescriptive about either how a particular condition might be treated, or how long that might take. The effects of a CST treatment are usually quick and long-lasting for uncomplicated remedial work.

Although CST is a whole-body approach, the fascial glide and unwinding techniques are particularly well suited to working with local injuries. And like all CST techniques are extremely light and safe.

I have seen many people come to my clinic wanting some kind of remedial treatment for a wide range of conditions... Broken bones, fractures, whiplash, complex injuries from road traffic accidents (RTAs), sprains, strains, pulled muscles and to help recovery from a wide range of non-accidents such as operations, tooth extractions, orthodontics, giving birth and cosmetic surgery. Many of these involve scar tissue, which I have particular expertise in helping.

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