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Over the years I have been practising I have been able to help, at least to some degree, well over 90% of the people who have come to my clinic, or am usually able to suggest the best option for treatment elsewhere.

Safe, respectful, relaxing, effective

I treat my patients how I would like to be treated myself. Very little clothing needs to be removed, and treatments are comfortable and enjoyable. The degree of contact pressure used is very small. Indeed, although used for people of all ages, CST is so safe that it may even be used to treat babies - and has been part of the standard treatment package for premature babies in some European hospitals for over 20 years. The light respectful touch also results in the treatment working in cooperation with the body...

...the wisdom of our body's innate intelligence...
Your Case History...

During your first appointment I will take a brief medical history - and most importantly - carry out a hands-on assessment. If you have a specific agenda or needs, it helps me a lot if you can be very clear about this during the initial note-taking, so that we are both on the same wavelength. Occasionally I get people in who prefer not to give me important medical details. If this is the case, then please be aware that - although this does not make my work impossible - the lack of information may take me more than one or two sessions to properly orient to your specific needs.

The case history takes anything between 10 and 40 minutes, depending on the individual, but is usually only about 20 minutes. Then I will spend some time applying several types of hands-on diagnosis to give me a better idea of what I am working with. As of May 2018 I have to ask for specific permission for Data protection purposes. If you bring this document ready completed to the appointment, this saves a little time. I always aim to leave as much time as possible for treatment - this will give me some idea of how easily your body is responding to CST, and therefore how many treatments we might need.

If you are on any medicines prescribed by your GP (or any other healthcare professional) it would be useful to see your prescription sheet. CST does not interfere with medicines and there are very few contraindications to treatment.

First time with Complementary therapies?

...Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves...

You might not be familiar with Complementary Therapies, or bodywork, or CST. Or you might have had a Cranial treatment from someone else in the past and be looking for something very specific. So the first appointment is really about us both finding out something about each other.

I run a "Body-Mind" practice, simply because I have found this is the most clinically effective way to work. To get the best out of a treatment, please


CST is one of the safest therapies because there is very little physical force applied. There is no manipulation, and treatments are usually very comfortable.

What should I wear?

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Clothing should be fairly loose and comfortable. I usually work through clothes, but tight trousers or low slung jeans are not so good. Since I will probably be holding your head, pin earrings and necklaces will have to be removed, along with any magnetic objects or "energy" devices. These latter sometimes make it impossible to feel important processes in the body.

I am also very grateful if you can avoid wearing strong aftershave or perfume - I will be touching your clothes and skin during the treatment, and the smell of these transfers onto my clothes and the treatment couch and then persists for several hours, affecting other patients later in the day.

All treatment is respectful and usually very comfortable and relaxing, and feels "safe". There are no sudden movements or strong crunches or cracks, and the level of pressure used is usually very light.


Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult at all times during treatment, and I require signed permission to treat - see below.


My treatment room in Norwich is, like most other city centre practices, upstairs. We are very lucky at the CHCC, in that we also have two downstairs treatment rooms, which are available for anyone who cannot climb stairs. IMPORTANT : if you need a ground floor room please ask for one of these rooms specifically EACH TIME you book. The upstairs room is much more peaceful and pleasant, since it is not at street level. Both rooms have hydraulic couches so that the table is easy and safe to get on and off. The Wymondham practice room (Reno) is up one flight of stairs, but also has easy access from car parks a short distance from the clinic.

Data Protection/Usage Statement and other legal matters

The following information is required by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

  1. All information from the treatment sessions is entirely confidential, and will not be released to any third party without your direct consent. If you want me to share treatment notes with other therapists (including doctors) or insurance companies, you have to now contact me by phone (not email) to ensure I have a clear idea of your requirements.
  2. For security, treatment notes are stored on a single paper copy with no electronic backup. If I do not see you for about 2 years this is archived. I am required by law to keep your information for a minimum of 7 years, after which time it is destroyed.
  3. I ask that you please do not email me with any medical or other personal details you want me to have, but rather send it to the clinic by post, or phone me and have a chat, or wait until you see me during a treatment session.
  4. As of June 2018 I am will ask you to sign a simple form covering all legal requirements.
    • a "permission to treat" if you are bringing your child or baby for treatment, plus
    • permission for how you wish me to be able to use your contact information under GDPR:
    1. Your postal address, telephone and/or email may be used during any course of treatment to contact you for the purposes of that treatment.
    2. I also ask for a second optional usage permission - to receive occasional email circulars about workshops/clinic changes (no more than 2 per year).
    A copy of the form can be downloaded from HERE. (If this does not appear immediately on a new browser window/tab, it has probably been sent to your Downloads folder.) If you bring this ready filled in to the first appointment, it saves some time.
  5. Any permissions you give to use your contact information may be withdrawn at any time by contacting me directly by telephone or email.
  6. (As for all of your data held by anyone), the GDPR legislation gives you the right to request a copy of information I hold - whether paper or electronic - and for you to demand any changes if information is factually incorrect.
  7. I hire office management services for my practice, who also take your contact information independently to operate their services, and have their own data protection policies.
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