bullet  Central Sensitisation

pain from the brain

Central Sensitisation is an escalation of pain that often arises as a secondary consequence of dissociation, trauma, and shock. But the main cause of chronic anxiety about pain. The fear and anxiety of pain redirect the emergency survival alarms that are supposed to deal with external threats, and turn them back on the body. The result is 24/7 pain that is largely unaffected by painkillers.

I have worked with central sensitisation for over 20 years. It usually requires a combination of trauma treatment. I teach you how your brain works - so that you can directly help to de-escalate the internal alarms that are causing the pain. And I usually also apply very gentle physical treatment - Craniosacral Therapy - because often there are still physical issues or local inflammations that require direct attention to help them heal.

The treatment approach is very similar to the one used for PTSD or trauma. Effects can sometimes be very quick, and occasionally just one treatment session has been enough to reverse over a decade of constant pain.

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