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"Positive Body Awareness" is the general name I have given to a set of skills designed to increase resilience and embodiment, and to diffuse the effects of PTSD and generational trauma.

Basically, the culture that we live in tells us to problem-solve, and not to take a lot of notice of the body. Or at least that there is no specific need to pay the body much attention - until it goes wrong.

In fact, we have evolved for several billion years in a very specific relationship with the body, meaning that there are some very specific "rules" that define how the body and mind are supposed to work together. If these rules are not adhered to, then if everything is OK, we get on OK because our body is extremely adaptive. But when things start to go wrong an incorrect relationship between the body and mind can cause many problems. The biggest problems is that there is no way to reverse trauma, and so people suffer from PTSD, and become more and more fragmented and dissociated.

Positive Body Awareness (PBA) is a simple but powerful way out of this. It is based on state of the art research into the human nervous system. PBA can be used palliatively to decrease anxiety and pain. Or it can form a very solid basis for any treatment of even very severe trauma. And it is also a way of communicating with the body in a way that opens up doors to being a participant in the living Natural world.

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