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Positive Body Awareness Podcasts

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A set of audio tracks to introduce Positive Body Awareness (PBA).

If you find any of these to be useful, please consider contributing by ::
  • making a donation and/or
  • providing feedback about how you have applied it, things you found useful, things you found unclear and/or
  • sharing this page URL on (e.g.) social media.
  1. Introduction
  2. The Senses
  3. Loose coupling and Fragmentation
  4. Mirror Neurons and the sense of Meaning
  5. Time, Now, Spaciousness
  6. Zombies (Health & disease)
  7. Appreciation, Love, Gratitude, Curiosity
  8. Abraham Maslow & Viktor Frankl
  9. Internal & External Ecologies
  10. Settling in : beginning
  11. Coming in : The sensory spectrum from outside to surface/contact:
    1. Coming in (With explanation)
    2. Coming in (Without explanation)
  12. Safety check (indoors)
  13. A short story (Nuntaq the runner)

These will be updated over the coming months. If you would like to be updated, contact me to be placed on the email list.

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