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Walking Lightly

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A set of miscellaneous resources around the topic of lightness through using the balls of the feet.

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Foot biomechanics film now almost complete!
About an hour of instruction video and about 50 slides showing the relationship between use of the feet and whole-body biomechanics.
Due to be released on Vimeo approx August 2021.
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  1. Introduction - General principles
  2. VIDEO: Slide 1 : Application of Tensegrity to vertical posture.
    Ball of the foot. image Copyright Andrew Cook 2020
  3. ... and this Facebook link of a run by Isabelle Kyson is a good demonstration of forward balance in action. Note that there is little energy usage - human energy expenditure hardly changes for different speeds of running. Importantly the upper body is light and if anything can be said to lead the gait it is the heart/upper ribs/sternum rather than the head (or some gluteal driver pushing from behind). The upper body is easily supported by the balls of the feet (rather than being carried by the arms and shoulders). The movement also requires some flexibility, and the foot placement does not show the classic excess anterior tibial tension that lifts the front of the foot up and is seen with heel-strike running...
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