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Organic foods & goods
  • Folland Organics (Facebook page). Robert & Shelley run an organic veg & friut stall on Norwich Market. All suppliers are carefully sourced - really good quality food.
  • Substrata Wines : Tom stocks high quality organic and earth-fermented wines from round the world
  • Natural Spa Supplies : Sally provides a range of really useful organic ethically sourced goods - such as cleaning & self-care materials, Rhassoul/montmorilloite clay (for skin cleansing), Argile Vert/green clay (for internal cleansing including brushing teeth), and terracotta water amphorae. The Rhassoul is particularly good as a psychic skin cleanser, leaving a sense of lightness.
  • Organic Directories & Groups
    Flower remedies and herbs
    • Sun Essences. Dr Bach developed most of his flower remedies in Norfolk, and there is a strong tradition of flower essence making in this county. Sun Essences is one of several independent local companies who produce really excellent and potent Flower Essences.
    • Herbs Hands Healing. Set up over 40 years ago, a supplier of formulated medicinal herbal tinctures and teas, based on the Norfolk-Suffolk broder.
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