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Manuals for various embodiment practices. These are all PDF files, so (depending on how your specific browser works) when you click them they may go to your Download folder rather than appearing on-screen. They are all subject to occasional modifications and updates.

If you find any of these to be useful, please consider contributing by ::
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  1. Body integration exercise version 2, updated June2020: (PDF) An affirmation/meditation process to help integrate the body-mind, and increase body awareness. This is particularly for serious illness, and for people who are not used to being aware of their bodies - so really it's a primer for the "Positive Body Awareness" exercises (below). However, it can be used - and is useful - for anyone. ...
  2. Positive Body Awareness: an introduction (PDF) A combination of mindfulness (Kabat-Zin), focussing (Gendlin), Appreciation (HeartMath), and PolyVagal Theory (Porges) and many other elements from evolution and neurology. This is a description of how to use a simple map of the nervous system to navigate your internal world, to help it come back together (back home), and to self-regulate. The principles are state-of-the-art in treatment of extreme trauma, but are universal and apply to everyone in pretty well every life situation. This material is also covered to some degree (and in a slightly different way in the audio resources
  3. Zones of experience: Using the Autonomic Nervous System/PolyVagal Theory to navigate the Interoceptive world.
  4. Senses: A list of the senses and sensations
  5. ANS (Vagal) Reset: simple things that can help the body and nervous system to self-regulate. Also available as an EPub document.
  6. I also recommend this video at the Huberman Lab as a general review of the territory generally thought of as "PolyVagal".
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