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I am providing here DRAFT versions of chapters of a book on the topic of Dissociation and Embodiment. These files are READ-ONLY and are subject to copyright. If you want to share these files with other people, please link them to this web page so that updated files can be accessed when the location is swapped.
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Section 1 : Background
  1. Introduction.
  2. Beginnings of Life.
  3. Biological resilience.
  4. Wellness and gesture.
    1. Boundaries and proxemic space.
    2. Nuntaq the runner.
  5. Journey through the senses.
  6. Meaning.
  7. Philosophical interlude.
    1. Partial transcript of a talk by David Bohm.
    2. The blind men and the elephant.
Section 2 : Dissociation and Embodiment
  1. PolyVagal Theory and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
    1. A selective overview of the ANS. (currently subject to major review)
    2. PolyVagal Theory [removed : needs major revision]
    3. Thermoregulation [removed : needs major revision]
    4. Hibernation [removed : needs major revision]
  2. Consciousness (front page).
    1. Consciousness : Solitons.
    2. Consciousness : Physical Models of multiplicity.
    3. Consciousness : Models of organisation.
    4. Consciousness : Spiritual Models of multiplicity.
    5. Consciousness : a summary.
  3. Trauma, Dis-association and Fragmentation
    1. [removed : needs major revision]
      1. Resilience.
      2. ... writing in progress...
  4. Relevant videos and other links
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