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Craniosacral Therapy &
Resilience training

with Andrew Cook MSc RCST
CST button (1) Craniosacral Clinic
Hands-on treatments in Norwich & Hethersett, including NEW low-cost clinic
CST for babies and new moters (2) Help for babies & new mums
Hands-on treatments in Norwich & Hethersett.
Resilience training (3) Resilience training
Stress-proofing and help for trauma and dissociation (difficulties with embodiment), available in my clinic or inline via zoom. One-to-one sessions & workshops for the general public & professionals.
Formative embodiment (4) Formative Embodiment
An exquisite method of encouraging formative gestures in the body. Mental level processing requires that we keep having to create a response, whereas formative-level processing fully embodies and re-programmes responses to the world, making new choices.
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